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Pink Heart Oversized Sweatshirt: Dressy Talk Pattern #5110 Review

Hello everyone! This post will outline my experience using Dressy Talk Pattern #5110 to make a pink cropped sweatshirt with a heart print rib knit trim. It was a pretty easy and quick project to complete, and I'm fairly happy with the result. Read below for more details and a review of the materials used. 

I Completed 70 classes on ClassPass! (ClassPass Houston Review)

Hello everyone! I sincerely hope everyone is doing well, despite the encroaching threat of both COVID-19 and a global recession. This blog post may feel a bit out of character, as it is a departure from my usual sewing content (and it doesn't provide any practical information for the current situation). Before moving to Japan last fall, I was living in Houston with my parents after graduating from college. During that time, I used the Class Pass app from March to July 2019, and I found it to be a great way for me to maintain a fitness routine and try new things. There was little thorough information online about ClassPass online at the time other than some sponsored blog posts- and these bloggers tended to only use the app for a month.

It's now April, but I wrote the majority of this post (from this point forward) back in October. I apologize for any discrepancies or facts that have otherwise changed in that time. Without further ado, here's my review!

This week's post is a review of the Class Pass app in Houston. I used this app from March to July 2019, and I completed exactly 68 classes in that time (sorry for rounding up in the title). I'm choosing to write this review to provide a more thorough and comprehensive review than the shorter ones I've seen online! It is my sincere hope that this post may serve as a guide to those considering the app in the Houston area. 

I apologize for the departure from sewing content, but I really wanted a place to share this. I'll be back to posting sewing content soon! 

Pink Skull Halloween Blouse: Vintage Vogue 7644 Review

Hello everyone! After taking a break, I am finally back with a new sewing project review. In this post, I'll discuss my experience using a vintage Vogue pattern to make a Halloween blouse. I actually finished this blouse back in July, but as I moved to Japan at the end of the month, I didn't get the chance to photograph or discuss the project for a while. I'm very excited to be back! 

GoHeen Designs RIP Tombstone Pillow Pattern Review

Hello everyone! While I realize it is till only July, that hasn't stopped me from working on Halloween projects any less. This week I'm going to discuss my experience sewing the Goheen Designs RIP Tombstone Pillow earlier this year. I'll review the pattern and discuss the construction process further down below.

Jack-o-Lantern and Jackie-o-Lantern Candy Holders (Patch Press Pattern Review)

Hello everyone! Even though it's only mid-July, I've already got Halloween on my mind. This post will be my first (of several) Halloween posts I've got planned for this year. I recently sewed some Jack-O-Lantern shaped candy holders, and in this post, I'll describe the process and review the pattern. 

60's Red Gingham Beach Set: Vintage Vogue 5489 Review (Bobbie Brooks Recreation)

Happy Fourth of July! I hope everyone is enjoying their day whether they celebrate or not. This week's post will be about a beach playsuit inspired from vintage Seventeen magazine ads. In this post, I'll elaborate more on my inspiration, describe the sewing process, and review the pattern. 

Cherry Gingham Pinafore Dress: Kwik Sew 4138 Review (Throwback Post)

Hello everyone! This week's post will chronicle my experience using Kwik Sew 4138 to make an overall style dress with a full skirt. I completed this project sometime in 2016, but I never elaborated on my experience. In this post, I'll review the pattern, discuss the materials, and give my overall thoughts on the project.

Blue Leopard Blouse: McCall's 6606 Review (Throwback Post)

This week's post is a major throwback. Since I've been going through a few of my old projects, I recently remembered this project and figured it was worth a blog post. During the summer of 2012, I made a blouse using McCall's 6606. It was the summer after I gradauted from high school, and at the time I was pretty happy with how it turned out. In this post, I'll discuss the sewing process, materials used, and review the pattern.

Don't be Melon-choly (Kwik Sew 0216 Watermelon Purse Review)

Hello everyone! This week's post is another fruity-themed project. Fruits are my favorite food group, and this past week I was able to celebrate one of my favorite summer fruits with this cute bag pattern from Kwik Sew. In this post, I'll review Kwik Sew 0216, describe the sewing process, and give my overall thoughts on the finished product. 

Orange You Glad to See Me? Vogue 9259 Romper Review

Hello everyone! This week's post is about a romper made using Vogue Pattern 9259. In this post, I'll break down the construction process, explain the outfit details, and review the pattern. Keep reading down below for more. 

60's Apple Dress with Interchangeable Collars (Vintage Simplicity 8202 Review)

Hello everyone! This week I'll be discussing a dress I made using vintage Simplicity pattern 8202. I actually made this dress during the summer of 2016, but I felt it was worthy of being featured on the blog, despite its issues. In this post, I'll describe the sewing process and review the pattern. 
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