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This blog was created to serve as a digital repository for my sewing projects as I progress through my life and career. I hope to see growth and improvement, and I hope that anyone reading this gains something of value from this site. In addition to chronicling projects, I hope to share knowledge and insight learned along the way.

Entitled Ready-to-Swear, a play on the familiar term ready-to-wear, this blog gains its namesake from the frustration commonly felt with standard RTW clothing, as well as the perpetual frustration that results from sewing. In working through projects, I hope to diminish some of the stress involved with wearing clothing in general.

Other than that, my name is Anna Kate and I'm a huge fashion lover! Although I studied design at university, I started seriously sewing in high school. My goal was to create unique clothing that was otherwise hard to find. I've found this journey to be stressful, especially during times when projects turn out less impeccable than expected, but ultimately I've learned to enjoy the process. Over time, I finally progressed to a point where I enjoy wearing the clothing I've made.

As of July 2019, I am working as an assistant language teacher in Nobeoka, Japan through the JET Program. I may occasionally depart from sewing topics on this blog to write about my experience. Feel free to reach out with any questions or comments about this at any time.

Thanks so much for stopping by!

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