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Red Tennis Skirt: Stretch and Sew 488 Pattern Review

Pleated tennis skirts are a staple for athletic inspired apparel. Combined with the recent revival of athletic wear and 70's looks, tennis skirts have been easy to find the past several years. American Apparel's tennis skirt has been a best seller for the better half of the last decade, prompting numerous retailers to recreate it. However, the skirt shape was not originally created by American Apparel. While I own several of their tennis skirts, I had always wanted to make my own. They're easy to coordinate and comfortable enough to wear anywhere. So, I was elated to find this pattern on Ebay!

Anyways, today's post is about my experience trying out this Stretch & Sew for the first time. Read below to see more pictures about what I liked and disliked and the changes I made to the pattern. 
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