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Pastel Faux Fur Bomber Jacket: McCall's 7257 Review

Hello and Happy New Years! Today's post will be about the creation of a pastel faux fur bomber jacket using McCall's 7257. It was a worthwhile project to make, and although faux fur can be a little daunting, it wasn't too hard. 

Effervescent Ensembles: Draping Cowl Back Evening Dress

Better images coming! The dress isn't fitting the shoulders of this dress form very well. 

Today's post is about an evening wear project created for a draping course I took this past fall. I created a 50's inspired evening dress in a honeydew shade, with layered mint and aqua chiffon on the skirt. The rest of this post outlines the process in creating this piece. 

This look is inspired by 50's pastels and interiors. I've always liked the period and its silhouette, and I've wanted to create a dress with a cowl and a full skirt for a long time. This project presented was the perfect opportunity to do so. 

The Kitty Sitters Club

Today's post is about my first major project for a draping course I took this past semester. 
At the beginning of the semester, we were tasked with one thing: to design and create an activewear look using only recycled garments. As the world and fashion industry move towards more sustainable practices, it's important to be able to incorporate these techniques into our construction. 

All of the fabric used in our look needed to come from donated clothing collected by another course within our program. There were over 1500 items donated, and we were split into groups to search for items we intended to use. With the idea of a jacket in mind, I picked up a number of knits and grey heather T-shirts. The following are the items I ended up using. 

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