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The Sweetheart Mitten: Kwik Sew 3627 Pattern Review


Happy February everyone! Now that February has arrived, I have a super short and sweet post about a heart-themed project from last year. After discovering the pattern online, I realized I had the perfect amount of scrap fabric left from previous projects to sew this up in one afternoon. Keep reading below for more details!

Here's the pattern! It's Kwik Sew 3627, and it includes patterns for two hats, some normal mittens, booties, and the heart gloves (well, actually mittens) that I've made here. The pattern calls them Sweetheart Mittens and describes them as being designed for two, with two self fabric cuffs. 

In typical Kwik Sew fashion, the pattern is printed in multiple colors and sizes on thick paper. This attention to detail always provides a nice break from the typical Big 4/black and white PDF pattern world. The glove comes in three sizes, small, medium, and large. However, I'm not sure what the sizing is based on, because there's no size chart provided. This is really no problem, though- you can simply choose your size by placing your hand on the paper pattern and seeing which one feels right. If you're planning to use the Sweetheart Mitten with another person, maybe you should take their hand size into consideration as well. I made a size large, and it seems totally fine. 

The construction is very simple, and this project can be easily sewn in an afternoon (or less, actually). Honestly, even if you don't have access to this pattern, you could probably make your own pattern and figure it out relatively easily- the  cuffs are simple rectangles, and the glove itself is simply a heart with placement lines for the cuffs. 

While simple, I think the design itself is really cute and fun. However, it looks best when worn by two separate people, and it doesn't really look cute when worn by one person with both hands inside. So, I probably won't photograph it actually being used for the time being. Perhaps I'll snap some photos when it doesn't require bothering any of my friends here. I'm curious to know how it looks! 

I recommend this pattern! It's so easy and cute to sew, I honestly don't have any strong opinions about it. It sewed up easily, completely as planned. If you want to make a heart mitten, I'd say go ahead and use it!

This fabric was the last remnant left over from three (3!) previous projects. I was able to make this glove, two sweatshirts (here and here), and a hoodie dress from the four meters I ordered from Neotrims on Etsy. It's a high quality sweatshirt knit, and I would recommend it to anyone looking for this type of fabric. Although I've yet to write a blog post for the hoodie dress, I've worn it numerous times since finishing it (biking, hiking, etc.), and although it has pilled some, it's still in good shape. The four projects I've made from this fabric are definitely a testament to the fact that it's quality fabric! 

That's basically it for this post! I don't have much to say about this project; it was short, quick, and ended with a cute end result. 

I hope to actually get some use this winter from this glove. So far, that chance hasn't presented itself. If I manage to snap any photos, I'll update this post later. While the glove is a little bit of a gimmick, I'm a sucker for anything heart shaped. I hope to be back again this month with another Valentine's Day post. As always, please sound off down below with any questions or concerns. 

Thanks for reading! 

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