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An Apple a Day Apron: Sun Planning's Easy Apron Pattern Review


Hello! I'm back again today with another quick project from the past. In this post, I'll feature a quick apron project I made using a Fit Pattern Sun easy apron pattern. It was a simple afternoon project that I've gotten a lot of use out of. Keep reading for the details down below!

Since moving to Japan, I've come to appreciate the functionality of aprons a bit more. Of course, they're perfect for cleaning the house and washing the dishes, but I was prompted to make one after volunteering to help at a few cooking classes and realized I didn't have one of my own. So, after a quick trip to my local fabric shop, this apron was born. 


I bought both the pattern and fabric at Pandora House (located inside my neighborhood Aeon Mall). The fabric is a standard printed medium weight cotton accompanied by a basic green double fold bias tape. The pattern is produced by Sun Planning and is entitled the Easy Apron (イージーエプロン). Sun Planning is a Japanese pattern company commonly sold throughout fabric shops in Japan. I honestly don't know much about the company, but they regularly produce some fun patterns, so I like to keep my eye out for them when fabric shopping. They also print sell some Simplicity patterns in Japanese, which are fun to find but somewhat different from their American counterparts. Anyways, you can view their full range of offerings on their website, here, if you're curious. 

Here's a view of the front and back. Pattern information is available here.

The pattern was easy to follow, contained good instructions, and is printed on high quality paper. There isn't much to say about the construction-this patten can be completed in an afternoon and requires no hand sewing or additional closures. The straps are finished with bias tape, which is the only step that may lead to extra time. Overall, I recommend it! 


I wear this apron casually all the time, so I'm honestly not sure why I took the photos inside my apartment the way that I did. The colors in the print match some items in my wardrobe, but honestly, that doesn't matter much since it's a functional item first, and a fashion item second. 

The outfit details probably aren't that important on this post. But, I paired it with a green beret and white turtleneck to try and match the colors within the apron fabric. 

Recently, however, I wore it to a cooking class with my white Nina Lee Bakerloo dress, and it was super comfy! Here are a couple photos I managed to snag. 

Faces blurred in accordance with Japanese privacy standards!

I'm sure I have some super casual photos of this apron elsewhere on my phone, but they probably aren't worth the trouble of looking through my phone to find them. 


Overall, this apron has faithfully served its purpose! I've used it a lot over the last few years, it was super simple, and it's cute enough I guess. That's really all there is to say about this one! Let me know if you have any questions down below! 

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