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I Completed 70 classes on ClassPass! (ClassPass Houston Review)

Hello everyone! I sincerely hope everyone is doing well, despite the encroaching threat of both COVID-19 and a global recession. This blog post may feel a bit out of character, as it is a departure from my usual sewing content (and it doesn't provide any practical information for the current situation). Before moving to Japan last fall, I was living in Houston with my parents after graduating from college. During that time, I used the Class Pass app from March to July 2019, and I found it to be a great way for me to maintain a fitness routine and try new things. There was little thorough information online about ClassPass online at the time other than some sponsored blog posts- and these bloggers tended to only use the app for a month.

It's now April, but I wrote the majority of this post (from this point forward) back in October. I apologize for any discrepancies or facts that have otherwise changed in that time. Without further ado, here's my review!

This week's post is a review of the Class Pass app in Houston. I used this app from March to July 2019, and I completed exactly 68 classes in that time (sorry for rounding up in the title). I'm choosing to write this review to provide a more thorough and comprehensive review than the shorter ones I've seen online! It is my sincere hope that this post may serve as a guide to those considering the app in the Houston area. 

I apologize for the departure from sewing content, but I really wanted a place to share this. I'll be back to posting sewing content soon! 

Note: this review is not sponsored in any way. I just wanted to share my experience using the app. When I first looked into ClassPass earlier this year, there weren't many comprehensive reviews available, at least for the Houston area. I found a few blog posts written by some sponsored bloggers, but they only used Class Pass for a month or so and weren't on the highest plan, so they only took around 5-6 classes. So, I hope this review serves to help others who might be interested in the program. 

This blog post is very long- if you're interested only in the overall pros and cons, I'd recommend scrolling a bit further to that section and skipping the rest.

But first off.. What is ClassPass? 


ClassPass is a monthly subscription service that provides access to fitness (and wellness) classes to paying subscribers. Typically there are a large variety of classes offered in cities where Class Pass exists, including yoga, barre, cycling, HIIT, rock climbing, open gym sessions, and many more. These classes are booked seamlessly through the ClassPass app or desktop website.

As of July 2019, ClassPass uses a credit system for booking these classes. Each month active users are given a certain number of credits (based on membership selection), and users may use these credits to sign up for any classes they look. Classes at nicer and more expensive studios are typically
worth more credits, whereas classes that require less equipment (or studios with fewer amenities) cost fewer credits. Some studios raise the credit for classes that take place during peak hours, but some studios have one flat rate for every class they offer, regardless of time or type of class. Occasionally, credit prices may fluctuate across the app- I found that almost all the credit prices dropped after I had been using the app for a while.

Credit prices also vary city to city. In Houston, the cheapest plan is about $39 per month and provides 21 credits. ClassPass says this will be worth up to seven classes, depending on what classes you choose to take. The highest plan is currently $199 per month, which should give you 130 credits to book 18-27 classes a month, give or take. (This plan wasn't actually an option when I first joined). For the majority of my time using ClassPass, I selected the second highest plan. I paid $119 a month, and I was able to use up all my credits. I recommend starting low and increasing if you need to. Also, it's possible to purchase extra credits if you use up the credits in your cycle. However, the per credit price for extra credits is not as good of a deal as it is for the monthly plan.

Here are the credits that currently popped up for me!

In Houston, most classes I took were about 5-6 credits, although I took many classes that were less than that. Some of my favorite classes were only three or four credits! And there were some studios that were 7-8 credits. These studios typically had state of the art equipment or offered highly specialized classes. I'll break them down below!

Regardless of your long term plans, I'd highly recommend at least checking the free trial offered by ClassPass. It's a really good deal, and there's no commitment. You'll receive 23 credits to use over two weeks. This will provide a good opportunity to test out the classes you like and become used to the platform. Just remember to cancel within the two weeks!

Generally, this system works well. I'll go more in depth about the pros and cons down below! 


Before trying ClassPass, I had no consistent workout schedule of any kind. I enjoyed physical fitness and staying active, but I didn't really know what I was doing. Even though the internet provides a virtually endless list of resources for exercise and activity instruction, going into a gym alone can still feel intimidating. I chose to try out Class Pass to circumvent this problem and follow guided workouts. I had taken group fitness classes in the past, and I knew that I liked them. (Also, I feel like I learned enough to brave the gym now! ..maybe.)


The chart above shows which type of classes I took during my time. Barre classes ended up being my favorite by far, so 25% of the classes I took were barre classes. For the HIIT category, I lumped in classes that used intervals of different exercise and combined both cardio and weight training. The distinctions are not perfect- some class types definitely overlap a little. I won't elaborate too much on each type here, because I don't feel its necessary. I'll be breaking down each studio below, and there's ample information on each type of exercise online.


Feel free to skip this section of the blog post. Here I'm going to right a short snippet about each studio I frequented while using ClassPass.

In order of first visit:

Pure Barre Katy: This studio is great for a first-timer. If you've never taken a class at Pure Barre before, the studio will reach out to you in advance in preparation for your first class. You'll arrive early the first time, and the studio will explain the class and help answer any questions. You won't be left in the dark about anything, and the instructor will help correct your form throughout class. Even after the first class, I consistently felt like I was getting a great workout and was challenged every time I walked in the door. One drawback is that this studio can book up quickly at peak times and be a bit crowded. But this doesn't really interfere with your ability to exercise. Classes here were consistently 6 credits each, regardless of time. Unfortunately, however, I believe this studio may have cut ties with ClassPass earlier this year. The classes disappeared from the app sometime in May. I'd still recommend trying out the studio; you can book your first class free directly through the studio.

Define: Body and Mind Katy: Located in the Cinco Ranch area, this studio offers a variety of classes for cycling, barre, yoga, trampoline, and stretching. Due to the class variety and close proximity to my house, I visited this studio more than any other (10 times). This studio is also pretty welcoming and you're usually introduced to the instructor if it's your first time attending a class. This studio offers childcare, and the women here all felt pretty close, which may matter more to some than others. Classes were 5-6 credits throughout my time using the app. I highly recommend this studio if you're looking to try a variety of classes. The hammock stretching classes and the trampoline classes were very unique and were good workouts. 

Crossfit Hippo: I was sore for days after attending this gym. It was my first time trying cross fit and the workout was very tough. The class credit price was a bit steep at 7 credits, but we used a lot of equipment and the class went a little over the hour I signed up for (partially due to my own inexperience). The instructor was attentive to form and any questions, and my classmates were friendly and welcoming. Honestly, though, I only attended one class, because I found this workout to be a little too tough on my knees and joints. This was only my third workout session, however, so I may be better equipped to handle this level of workout now. If you like cross fit, I'd recommend this studio! 

Aerobifit: This studio is near and dear to my heart, because it was the first studio I ever took fitness classes (specifically barre) at back in 2013. During my time on ClassPass, I only took a Step class. This was a small class that utilized various stations around the room to complete timed workouts. I enjoyed the class, and I appreciated that the instructor offered modifications for each workout. I recommend this studio if you live nearby! They only cost a few credits each. Keep in mind the clientele does skew a little older here, but everyone is very friendly and welcoming! 

Z Zone Fitness: Z Zone Fitness is a small studio that operates out of a larger aerial silks studio. The instructor was really friendly and I really liked the smaller atmosphere. I took a trampoline class here, and I found the moves a bit different and challenging compared to the one I took at Define. I only took one class here, but I would have taken more if the times had worked better. Highly recommend!

Beat Strong Fitness and Nutrition: This studio offers a few different types of interval workouts. I took one 45 minute class here and one open gym session. The 45 minute session included a guided cardio session, followed by weight training in another section of the gym. The class was small and the studio was spacious. Afterwards, we used foam rollers and stretched out. The open gym session was exactly what it sounded like. I was free to use the gym to lift weights or do cardio as I pleased. I was given a clipboard with a workout to follow if I wanted.

Revolve Pole Fitness: Located on Richmond Avenue, this studio is cozy and has a spacious parking lot shared with other businesses. I took one Intro to Pole class  here and I liked the studio. I did, however, sort of forget that pole fitness was supposed to be sexy, so I felt awkward. You should definitely try it out if you're curious! The credits didn't cost much at all, and the studio was very friendly and welcoming. Pole is seriously impressive, and an intro class is a good place to start.

Vibe Fitness: This class was super close to my house and the cost was super cheap, so I took several classes here. The classes available on ClassPass didn't use much equipment, but the workouts were still effective. When I took the classes through ClassPass, there wasn't much equipment necessary for the classes. However, the floor is hardwood, so I'd recommend bringing knee pads or a small, thick mat for some of the classes. Also, this class switched computer systems, so they may no longer be on ClassPass. But even when the studio was on the app, not all of their courses, including surfing and aerial silks, were on ClassPass (more on that below).

Jade Mountain Martial Arts: This studio is located in Katy and offers a variety of martial arts classes and a bootcamp class. I took one Sweat bootcamp class here. The owner of the studio taught the class and was super friendly and welcoming. The class was small, so there was plenty of room to move around and exercise. The class used minimal equipment but was very effective, and the instructor helped with form. The class didn't cost many credits, so I'd recommend!

Bounce Fit Club: This studio was probably the most unique studio I tried during my time on ClassPass. Kangoo Jump boots are used in each class (no rental fee), and they're so fun!! You spend the class moving and jumping in the boots. It's a great full body workout, and the class was full of friendly people, so I highly recommend! If I lived closer to this studio, I would have attended all the time. Also, this studio had affordable monthly deals outside of ClassPass, so I would highly recommend becoming a member if you fall in love with the kangoo jumps. This studio also does monthly specials, and the owner LaRobin was kind enough to offer to include me in those, even as a ClassPass user.

Title Boxing Club: I took two kickboxing classes at this studio located on Westheimer near Sam Houston tollway. Both classes were a good workout and used my full body. Even the warmup was tough! I also saw more men in these classes than at the other classes I took. The staff was also very friendly. For me, though, I realized that I don't think kickboxing is for me. The moves are sort of difficult to follow (because I'm inexperienced), so I didn't love it as much as some other classes. The studio was still very nice and I think it's worth a try. Please keep in mind that this studio requires patrons to buy their own wraps (which adds up to about $11 for both hands).

Row Studios: I took one HIIT style class at this studio. Much of the class takes place on rowing machine, while other exercises are performed on the space to the side of your rowing machine. Exercises are put up on the board at the front on the classroom, and the instructor demonstrates and helps during class. You pick your own weights for this class, and you can move at your own speed, so you get out of it what you put into it. I really liked this studio and its nice amenities, but it was too far of a drive for me to visit regularly.

Ballet and Pilates by Victoria: This studio offers a variety of barre, dance, stretch, and reformer classes. They even have children's ballet classes! I really enjoyed the reformer class I took here. The class was small, but the workout was effective and the instructor was very helpful. I enjoyed the barre and stretch class I took as well. In comparison to the other barre classes I took at separate studio, the instructor didn't correct form directly but was still friendly and encouraging. The class credit price was very cheap here, so I'd recommend this studio! My one complaint is that there isn't always a front reception directing everyone where to go. I missed the beginning of the stretch class I took here, because the front reception told me to wait and the class door never opened (classes bleed into one another). Overall, great studio! I don't think this is a common problem.

Bar Method Houston Memorial: Before visiting this studio, I had heard varying opinions of Bar Method online. Some people loved it, and some didn't like how form was corrected by calling out your name in class. I personally came to really appreciate the style of instruction that Bar Method uses. I took nine classes here, and I would have taken more if given more time. Studio owner Dana is really sweet and welcoming. This studio and Pure Barre were probably the two best studios for introducing newbies. Although Bar Method feels less cardio intensive than Pure Barre, the classes were always tough. This studio also had by far the most comfortable flooring. Most studios have a somewhat hard flooring, but the flooring here was lush carpeting over a thick mat. This was really nice for my knees. At Pure Barre, I always brought a small mat with me for knee protection, but that wasn't necessary here.

Swim Houston: I took one aquatic fitness class here, and I liked it. I was surprised by how tricky using water weights under the water could be. It was fun getting into the water to exercise, and the instructor was great! The workout was low impact, so I'm sure it was good for all fitness levels. The aquatics center was pretty far from where I lived, so I only went once, but I highly recommend trying out aquatic fitness.

Fit Athletic Club: Fit Athletic Club is a large, nice gym located in River Oaks. I only took one Pound class there, so I can't comment on most of the gym, but the class I did take was enjoyable. Pound uses drumstick style equipment for most of the class. Other than that, the class uses little equipment. It's mostly cardio-heavy, but there is a lot of squatting and jumping. Although the instructor was friendly and talented, I'm not sure I got much value out of the class. It was a little hard to maintain proper form while trying to move quickly, at least on the first try. The rest of the gym looked really nice, so I'd recommend trying it out.

Iron Strength Kettlebell Gym: I took one kettlebell class here and really enjoyed it. Everyone in the class followed a set routine that was predetermined and designed to slowly get tougher. There were also very reasonable breaks in this class that I really appreciated. There was a little bit of cardio in the class, but the emphasis was mostly on building strength through various kettlebell exercises. This class was only 3 credits, and I enjoyed the exercise, so I would have gone back if the class weren't so far away from me.

Achievement Fitness Center: The class I signed up for at this gym is the only class that truly didn't deliver, and it draws attention to one of ClassPass's booking flaws. I had signed up for  LesMills BodyPump class at this gym, but when I got there the staff told me they no longer offered classes like this. The man at reception didn't even know what ClassPass was, but he was very apologetic and let me use the time as an open gym session. The class was super cheap credit wise, so it wasn't a loss. I did drive pretty far, so it would have been nice to take the class I signed up for. I'm not sure where the source of this problem lies. Is it the studio's fault for not being proactive and managing their online schedule, or is ClassPass unresponsive to individual studios? This gym looked nice on its own, however.

sphere: Sphere was super unique and one of the most interesting sessions that I booked. All I knew going in was that the class would be soccer inspired. As it turns out, you start the class with a small game of indoor soccer, and then the class splits up and does workouts on the side of the gym (class is divided by both jersey number and color). Cardio and strength workouts are interspersed between small games of indoor soccer, and the class ends with a large stretch. sphere will really get you into shape! This was one of the tougher classes I took. Honestly, though, this class was a little rougher than expected and I ended up with some bruises (which is to be expected playing a sport). In addition, I had no experience playing soccer before, so I felt a little out of my element during the class. But it was a great workout! If you're interested in soccer, I'd highly recommend sphere!

Precision Yoga and Fitness: Precision Yoga and Fitness is a small yoga studio located near West Oaks Mall. I took two classes here. Honestly, I'm not the biggest yoga person, but I felt like I should give it a shot. I enjoyed the two classes, but I don't think I'm very suited to yoga. The studio is small and comfortable and there is equipment available for use. You'll leave your shoes by the door. If you're looking for a nice, small, yoga studio, then this is the place for you!

RacePace: I really loved Race Pace, and I found the concept to be super unique. Located in the Heights, RP offers guided runs on Woodway Treadmills. Although classes here are quite expensive (worth a whopping 8 credits), I feel like I ran better than I ever have. Instructor Shiva was great at inspiring us to keep moving and challenge ourselves appropriately. You're able to pick your speed in this class, so you won't be forced to run above or below your skill level. If you like running and have the available credits, I'd recommend this studio!

Gold's Gym: I took one class at a Gold's Gym in Austin when I went on a day trip to pick up some paperwork. I finally got to take my LesMills BodyPump class here for only 2 credits (if I'm remembering correctly). The class was surprisingly large and full of people, and I enjoyed it. I liked that the class used a barbell, and I liked that there were multiple options for weight choices. However, I sort of tired of the constant repetition rather than lifting heavy and doing something else. Also, I felt like I needed my form to be corrected. But I didn't expect personalized attention in this class, and the instructor was great at what she does! The rest of the gym looked very nice, but I can't really comment much, as I didn't use it.

Houston Strength: Houston Strength Gym offers small group personal training sessions. I ended up getting a one-on-one session with trainer Alan, and it was a truly great workout! If I was still in Houston, I probably would have gone to this gym more. The workout was one hour long, and I did several sets of different exercises using both body and free weights. Highly recommend! I think the cost for this class was actually too low for what it was.

Hunter Dance Center: I took two classes at this studio one afternoon. I decided to try an aerial silk sampler class for the first time and followed it with a stretch class. It was my first time try aerial silks, and I was surprised at how tough it was! It's definitely an activity that requires you to go all in if you want to see true results. I lacked the upper body strength to accomplish much the first day, but I was majorly impressed by everyone's ability in the class. The stretch class afterwards was pretty par for the course. It was yoga inspired and relaxing.

Evolve Lagree: I took two classes at this new studio in Katy. The Megaformer took some getting used to, but it was very tough. I had never used a Megaformer before (only a normal pilates reformer), but it wasn't too hard to get used to. I'd recommend trying this place!

Reform Pilates Katy: Located in Cinco Ranch, this studio was small and very personalized. Instructor Victoria was upbeat and entertaining, and she was very attentive to form. The ambience of the studio was also very nice! One small note- she wasn't aware that her classes were on ClassPass still, but she was happy to accommodate me anyways. So I'm not sure if her classes are still available. Regardless, if you're interested in taking a pilates reformer style class, this is a great place to do so!

Revolution Studio: I took one cycling class here, just to give it a shot. The instructor and class was great, and I liked the class. However, I don't think cycling classes are for me! The seats always make my butt sore (although I believe you can rent a gel cushion), and it feels like nothing but cardio. If you like cycling (or want to try it), I'd recommend this studio. The amenities are very nice, and your first clip-in shoe rental is free.

Empower Fit Club: This studio offers a variety of HIIT classes that vary from week to week and month to month. Sometimes the focus is on low rep and high weight, and sometimes the emphasis is on high rep and low weight. I really liked the studio and the instructors. Your heart rate and calories burned is logged throughout the class as well. It was a great experience! If this studio was closer to home, I would have attended more.

Plex: Plex in Houston is a sports training and physical therapy center in Houston. It's an impressive facility with many people training for a variety of sports. I wasn't sure what I was signing up for, but I basically ended up getting a personal hour and a half training session in a small group. Some of the moves were sports inspired (agility workouts). The workout was tough, especially with the lack of air-conditioning in the gym, but it was worthwhile.

Verticality Pole Fitness: I decided to give pole fitness a second try and took another Intro to Pole class here. The studio was cute, neat, and managed well; it was nestled nicely on the second floor of an upscale strip center on Waugh Drive. The intro to pole class was taught well, and visitors can learn one full (simple) dance routine during the hour-long class. I also took a stretch class back to back, and found it to be really nice stretch routine. Once again, I'm not sure I personally enjoyed the pole dancing routine- my range of motion and strength need serious work. But I appreciated these classes and enjoyed it.

barre3: We don't have barre3 in Houston, so I took the class when I was visiting family in Oklahoma! It was a little different than either Pure Barre or Bar Method, and I was surprised that going barefoot was an acceptable option. The studio was packed and the music was upbeat. Many of the core barre routines were present in this class, but there was a lot of time devoted to ab and floor work. The instructor was friendly and the studio was small but complete- I would give this another try if there was a studio nearby.

Purflexion Pilates: This was the second class I took while visiting family in Oklahoma. It was a nice and comfortable pilates reformer studio. My "class" session actually ended up being a one-on-one session with the talented and friendly instructor. She was extremely attentive and mindful of my needs, and she guided me very well through the reformer routine. She was willing to make the workout more or less difficult depending on my abilities. I would highly recommend giving this is a shot, especially if you have any chronic pain or flexibility issues. A wonderful studio for improving health!

Goza Dance: I took my last class at Goza Dance! I decided to try out another Zumba class! While Zumba doesn't really do it for me, the studio was fun, upbeat, and filled with friendly ladies. The class didn't cost many credits so it was a good workout session if you're looking for an easy way to use up your last few credits.

In summation, I tried many new things at many new studios! I never expected to enjoy so many different types of exercise. Read below for the condensed pros and cons of using Class Pass. 



  • Travel Booking: Traveling to another city? No problem! I was able to seamlessly use ClassPass in Tulsa, Austin, and Fort Worth, despite living in Houston. There's no excuse not to exercise while on the go. It was super easy, and I loved being able to take advantage of unique classes not available near me. 
  • Variety: There is a seemingly endless variety of classes and exercise options to try out. You'll never feel bored, and your exercise routine will remain exciting. There will still classes I'm sad I didn't get to try out before moving. 
  • Seamless Booking: This is where ClassPass truly beats any competition. It's extremely easy to book a class. It only takes a few clicks within the app, and you're good to go. All you have to do is show up at the studio. 
  • Endless Locations: There are classes and studios located in every part of the city. I lived in the Katy area, but I was able to take classes all over the city to coincide with my schedule or anywhere I was going that day. This also gave me an excuse to check out areas of the city I was unfamiliar with. 
  • Friendly People: You'll meet a lot of different people while using ClassPass. While I personally don't mind exercising alone, you come into contact with many people from many different walks of life. There's a lot of opportunity to mingle with a diverse group of people.
  • Friends in the App: ClassPass gives you the option to add friends within the app, so you can book classes together. While I didn't use the functionality much, I was able to book a class with one of my friends, and it was a lot of fun. I would consider using this more, if I was still using Class Pass. 
  • Class Cancellation Fee: This is both a pro and a con. There is a $20 cancellation fee if you cancel a class within 24 hours of it starting. I never paid this fee, because the fear of it kept me going to each and every class I booked. 
  • Easy to Cancel: It was super easy to cancel my membership to Class Pass. More on this below! 
  • Free Trial: They have an amazing two week free trial period. Everyone should try it out!


  • Studio Class Bias: Some studios will pick and choose what classes of theirs they will list on Class Pass. For example, Vibe Fitness in Katy, Texas chose not to offer their Surfset or Aerial Yoga classes on Class Pass, despite offering cardio and Zumba classes on the app. I was able to try the Surfset classes through Groupon instead, which was much more inconvenient. I wish they would have offered these classes, even at a higher credit price! Other studios would only offer their introductory courses on the app, requiring a membership to advance at their studio. 
  • Mixed Atmosphere: Some studios are more welcoming than others. While I never had any issues, some gyms are simply better suited to welcoming and introducing newbies that lack exercise experience. Other gyms simply throw you into the class without warning. Generally, however, you get what you pay for. Higher credit studios will be more thorough.
  • Lack of Priority: It's obvious that some studios and gyms are only interested in selling Class Pass users a separate gym membership. While I don't blame small studios for taking advantage of the opportunity to find new clients, Class Pass seems to advertise itself as a membership to many gyms with one easy fee. None of the studios were pushy, but you may find it hard to be fully integrated into a gym with a CP membership. For example, some studios have studios have member challenges that their consistent members participate in. You may not be able to participate in these challenges, even if you take many classes at that studio. Some gyms will still allow you to, however. Bounce Fit Club gave me the option to join one of their challenges, and I really appreciated it!
  • No Classes Nearby: Sometimes, the type of class you want to take might not be close to you. For example, the kangoo boot classes I took were quite far from me (at least a 30 minute drive). The drive was worth it for me to try something new, but this problem could be inconvenient for those with a more busy schedule. This isn't necessarily a problem Class Pass can easily fix, as studios vary all over cities. 
  • Wonky Periods: I noticed some occasional periods where class schedules disappear or studios don't show up for a couple days. I'm not sure why this happens. This could lead to people missing out on studios that were actually available. 
  • Booking Mishaps: The incident I described above with Achievement Fitness Center is one such example of a booking mishap. The studio worker was completely unaware of what Class Pass was or why the classes were showing up on the app, but he did know that people were able to book classes that weren't actually happening any longer at the studio. He was extremely apologetic, and it appears he didn't understand why classes were showing up on the app. There is a definite lack of communication between the studios and Class Pass for issues such as these. There will still classes being offered on the app from that studio months later,  despite a review I wrote indicating there was a problem. At other times, studios had no idea I booked a class, but were more than willing to accommodate me when I showed up. 
  • Lack of Consistency: Consistency may become an issue. If you're constantly trying new things, it robs you of your ability to specialize and improve in one area. This isn't Class Pass's fault; it is simply an issue inherent in this type of workout routine. 
  • Lack of Weightlifting or Personal Training: This is a personal point for me: I wish there was some type of Intro to Weightlifting or Personal Training session offered through Class Pass. Although I had some one-on-one sessions, there was no explicit personal training offered through the app. I know this would be difficult to do, but I hope there are more offerings available moving forward. 
  • Class Cancellation Fee: As I mentioned above, there is a $20 class cancellation fee if you cancel a class within 24 hours (or simply don't show up). I'm not sure how frequently this is enforced, as I never paid it, but this fee may be excessive at times when life truly does interrupt you workout regimen. 
  • Cut Ties: Occasionally studios will cut ties with Class Pass. I believe this is what happened to the Pure Barre location in Katy, as their classes haven't shown up in a couple months. This can be disappointing if you fall in love with one specific studio!
While there are more cons listed than pros, I genuinely loved Class Pass! 


In the interest of full disclosure, I wanted to include some fitness activities that I did outside of ClassPass that may have impacted my results.

  • Five Classes at Vibe Fitness: four Surfset classes and one Intro to Aerial
  • One Intro to Belay Class at Momentum Indoor Climbing. You can technically book climbing sessions through Class Pass for this place, but they no longer allow Intro classes to be booked through Class Pass. 
  • One Hoop Class at Nia Moves- Technically I found this class on the Class Pass app, but I wasn't able to book it because booking was turned off. 
  • Roller Skating: I roller skated about once a week during this time. 
  • One Stretch Session at Reach Stretch Studios 


Overall, I became more fit and healthy during my time using the app. I didn't set out to become super fit overnight, I just wanted to experiment and see what would happen. I lost somewhere around 10 pounds I believe, but I'm not entirely sure because I wasn't weighing myself consistently. However, I was aware of my weight partially because I had to complete a health physical in preparation for my move to Japan. I also weighed myself shortly after moving to Japan (within only a few weeks) and I think the approximate ten pound loss is correct. That being said, don't put too much stock into my results, I may have lost this weight anyways as a result of less stress after finishing college. I believe the weight I ended up at may be my natural adult weight (perhaps my set point?).


Here are a few tips I have for anyone interested in trying Class Pass!

  • Free Classes: Many of the studios on Class Pass offer a free trial class from their studio completely free of charge. While this may be more difficult to sign up for, it could possibly save you a little bit of money in the long run. 
  • Google Street View: Some studios are in hard-to-find locations and may take some time to get to (I don't need to explain Houston traffic.) I recommend finding the buildings on Google first so you know what to look for when driving to your studio. That $20 cancellation fee for missing a class is no joke!
  • Knee Padding: This is a personal tip, but my knees are quite sensitive and many studios have really hard floors. I took a small pad with me (from Dollar Tree!) to some studios. Maybe you'll want to do this too? I noticed a few people even wore lightweight knee pads at one studio. 


Gyms are notorious for binding customers in difficult and confusing contracts. I was concerned about this when I signed up, and this fear has honestly kept me from joining gyms in the past. But when it came time to quit Class Pass, it was really easy. I was able to cancel within the app and it was totally painless. I explained why I was cancelling (moving), and it only took a couple minutes.


ClassPass is the only system that kept me consistently engaged and motivated over the long term. Five months may not be long term for some, but its more than I've ever stuck to a fitness regimen. I'm actually really sad there isn't an equivalent program where I live in Japan (or many fitness boutiques), but I would rejoin in a heartbeat if I could!

Overall, I really do wholeheartedly recommend Class Pass. I was able to stay motivated, feel better, try new things, and I even lost a little weight! Class Pass offers a great free trial, which I think everyone should try to see if it works for them.

I've been living in Japan for around nine months now. It's been an amazing whirlwind of an experience so far, but I haven't found a consistent gym or workout routine that I enjoy. I'm currently a member of Anytime Fitness here in Japan, so perhaps I'll write about that at some point.

Thank you for reading! I realize this post was extremely long and pedantic. Nevertheless, I hope someone finds it useful. Please feel completely free to ask me any questions about anything above. I'll (finally) be returning to sewing content in my next post. I have three completed sewing projects that I haven't yet had the chance to write about, but I will 100% be writing about them soon.

Stay safe out there and stay home if you're in an affected area! I hope this all blows over soon. 


  1. Thanks for your review! I am in the same area and looking into classpass. Looks like a bunch of those places are closed now.

    1. Aww darn I'm sorry to hear a lot of places have closed. I hope this review was still helpful-if I return to the Houston area I'll try to post an update sometime.

  2. Super super thorough. Thank you so much for your time!

    1. I hope it was helpful to you- thanks for reading!


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