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Pink Skull Halloween Blouse: Vintage Vogue 7644 Review

Hello everyone! After taking a break, I am finally back with a new sewing project review. In this post, I'll discuss my experience using a vintage Vogue pattern to make a Halloween blouse. I actually finished this blouse back in July, but as I moved to Japan at the end of the month, I didn't get the chance to photograph or discuss the project for a while. I'm very excited to be back! 


I used Vintage Vogue 7644 to complete this blouse. I found it on eBay and ultimately selected it because I liked the full sleeves and collar style. The pattern contains both of these elements without a button placket or zipper on the front or back of the pattern. (Actually, the pattern may allow for a zipper up the center back, but I found it easy to omit this detail.)

Here's the pattern! I found this image on Google Images.  The size I used was a 

Normally, I like to write as much as possible about the patterns I use. However, because I moved and left the pattern at home, I don't remember as many details as I would like. I'm really sorry about this! I also can't seem to easily find a good picture of the front and back of the pattern, so I'm sorry about that as well! I may update this post later with more details.

Anyways, the pattern contains a loose-fitting blouse top in two lengths and with two collar options. One collar option is for a high standing color and the other contains a long pussybow necktie attached to the same collar.

Please ignore the small thread I forgot to clip! 

This project was the first project I completed with entirely French seams. This was a little bit tough, as the fabric was slippery, but I used starch along the way to keep the fabric in place. Overall, I think this turned out okay, but I may have sewn seam allowances around the armhole that were larger than the 5/8" allowed, so the sleeve holes fit a little tight. Maybe it's just my imagination, though. I definitely prefer the inside look of a full French seam!

Here's the center back seam. It's technically not a French seam, but I chose to sew the CB seam this way because a French seam wasn't possible. There's a small keyhole opening in the back. 

I tried my best to center the skulls on the cover buttons I used for the sleeve buttons. Here's a few pictures.


I found this fabric in the clearance section at my local JoAnn Fabrics back in June. I don't know anything about it other than it was a cheap chiffon that came in both black/pink and black/orange. It was super cheap, only $3-4 a yard. If I find out anything else about this fabric, I will update this blog post. If I had a picture of the bolt, I no longer have it on this phone.


Because this fabric is fairly sheer, I chose to pair it with a basic black shift dress I found on Amazon. It was a little loose around the waist, so I pinned it in the back for these photos. I had previously considered altering the dress, but I found that I like wearing it looser, and I honestly don't notice much of a difference in how it looks.

I also really like that this look is also work appropriate! Most of my daily attire recently has been work clothing.

I played around with different ways of tying the collar, as shown below.

This was also my first time using a tripod and taking pictures completely on my own. Honestly I really enjoyed this process, and I wish I had invested in an iPhone tripod sooner. I think what I actually enjoyed was the nice lighting and clean background in my apartment here, though.

Here are some more pictures of the blouse. I finally got to try out Portrait Mode on my phone.

Here's a bad picture of the back keyhole (paired with a different dress). 


Overall, this shirt is far from my best work, given the slight fit and French seams issue, but it's a wearable garment that has served its purpose. I've been able to wear it this past October, and I know I will next year as well. So, I would recommend the pattern and the fabric (if you can find it!). Let me know if you have any questions or comments down below. I hope to have another post up soon!

Thank you for reading this far! 

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