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Jack-o-Lantern and Jackie-o-Lantern Candy Holders (Patch Press Pattern Review)

Hello everyone! Even though it's only mid-July, I've already got Halloween on my mind. This post will be my first (of several) Halloween posts I've got planned for this year. I recently sewed some Jack-O-Lantern shaped candy holders, and in this post, I'll describe the process and review the pattern. 

Ambrose involved himself in the photography process. 

Halloween is my absolute favorite time of the year, and I'm happy that I made some time to complete some projects in advance this year. I actually completed these two pumpkins in March. 


This is the second time I've used a Patch Press pattern. As with the first pattern, I found the pattern to be unique and easy to use. The instructions and pattern pieces are printed together on two large sheets, making it necessary to trace the pieces.  The instruction style and font appears handwritten but still remains very neat and organized. 
I found this pattern on Etsy. If you're interested in finding it, I'd suggest looking on both Ebay and Etsy!
The pattern includes a pattern for two similar pumpkin bags; one is a standard Jack-O-Lantern and the other is more feminine, aptly named Jackie-O-Lantern. The pumpkin consists of eight main body pieces that contribute to giving the pumpkin its outer shape. These eight pieces, along with a bottom piece, are basted to some thick batting to give the pumpkin its support and ability to stand on its own. This was very easy to do, but it makes the fabric slightly more prone to small puckers. So, be on the look out for that if you sew this project! There is also a lining inside the pumpkin. It's achieved by another 8 lining pieces, but the lining doesn't have a bottom and is sewn to a point. One of the lining pieces is left with a seam opening to turn the lining and it is hand-sewn shut.

This is how the lining is sewn to the pumpkin. 

The faces are achieved by appliqueing fabric pieces to the front of the pumpkin. I used a fusible web to help with this, but the instructions provide steps to hand stitch the fabric pieces on.

The pattern also includes a pumpkin top "lid" and handle to use the pumpkin as a candy bag. I chose not to make these pieces, because I wasn't planning on carrying the bag around.

Here's what the bottom of the bag looks like.

The pumpkin was inside out when I took the photo. 

Although this pattern lacks some of the conventions standard to commercial patterns, such as a cutting layout or numbered pieces, this pattern is still easy to use and understand. I had no trouble figuring out how to cut the pattern or follow the instructions. Overall I highly recommend this pattern! It's easy to use and has such a cute end result. 

All of the fabrics and materials were either purchased at JoAnn Fabrics or found in my stash.

Here's some more photos of the pumpkins! 


Overall, this project was a super satisfying make and I thoroughly enjoyed the sewing process. The pumpkins are perfect for holding candy or Halloween treats. I can't wait to get the opportunity to use these later on.

I highly recommend the pattern, as it's super unique yet uncomplicated. While the process might be a little complicated for beginners, I believe this project would be absolutely perfect for someone with experience. It's also a good project for trying out batting for the first time. 

Thanks for reading this far!
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Please feel free to let me know any comments or questions down below! 


  1. I’ve made this pattern before but have miss placed it. I can’t find it online or on Amazon. I would like to make it for some younger grandkids do you know of a source that I can get it

    1. Thanks for your comment and sorry for the late reply! I also didn't have any luck finding it online. Maybe it'll pop up again on Etsy or Ebay sometime soon.


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