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Cherry Gingham Pinafore Dress: Kwik Sew 4138 Review (Throwback Post)

Hello everyone! This week's post will chronicle my experience using Kwik Sew 4138 to make an overall style dress with a full skirt. I completed this project sometime in 2016, but I never elaborated on my experience. In this post, I'll review the pattern, discuss the materials, and give my overall thoughts on the project.

I got sick a few weeks ago and my sew-jo took a hit as a result. So, even though I've got a few new exciting projects coming up in the next few weeks, a past make will have to suffice for this week's blog review. 

The white you see around the waistband is the petticoat I had underneath- sorry about that! 

I made this pinafore sometime in 2016 (I think the start of the summer). I remember being extremely disappointed with how it turned out at the time- so much so that I just hung it up in the closet and never looked at it again. However, upon closer inspection, I think I've come to appreciate it a bit more. While I could have certainly done a better job on some parts of the dress, it is a marked improvement from some of the true beginner projects I completed in high school. 

Anyways, on to the pattern!  


Kwik Sew 4138 is a pattern for a pair of overalls and a overall style dress. Both looks share the same overall bib and top structure. The Kwik Sew website technically calls these looks a "jumper and "jumpsuit," which also accurately describes them. The skirt pattern is designed to be cut on the crossgrain (which may be ignored) and is a gathered circle skirt. There are inseam pockets on the sides of the skirt, and the skirt closes with a lapped zipper and a button up the center back seam. The straps criss cross in the back and are attached to the front bib with another two buttons.

Available online here.

Overall, the construction was not hard to follow, and the jumper sewed together quite easily. The instructions are free from error and easy to use. I think this pattern is somewhat beginner friendly, as long as it's not your absolute first time sewing a zipper or buttons. The fit is fairly loose, so the strap length and waist measurement are the only measurements that need to be taken into account (unless you make the full jumpsuit, which will require more fitting).

My only issue with this pattern is how much ease there is in the sizing. Looking back, I should have measured the pattern pieces more carefully and compared them to my own measurements. That being said, I cut a size medium, which is a little smaller than my actual measurements, and the pinafore ended up being much too large. The straps are quite long, and and the waist is too big. That's what has kept me from wearing this outfit. Of course, these alterations aren't too difficult to make, but I'd recommend measuring the pattern pieces first!

On a personal note, I wish I had done a better job sewing the lapped zipper and center back button. Even though I had sewn zippers previous to this skirt, I really didn't like how this one turned out. But looking at it now, I'm not bothered by it as much.

And although it pains me somewhat to show the back of the skirt, here's what it looks like:

Once again, the visible white around the waistline is the petticoat. 

On another personal note, I wish I had altered the bib to be a little smaller/shorter. I think it personally looks a little long on my torso and isn't as flattering as it could be. In conjunction with this, I would also shorten the straps some.


I found the fabric for this project at Hancock Fabrics before they closed. It's a Mary Engelbreit print that is possibly entitled "A Very Cherry." However, a quick Google search of "Mary Engelbreit cherry fabric" will bring up a few sellers on Etsy and Ebay that still sell this print.

One place to buy this fabric is here
The fabric print is intentionally printed on the diagonal; I didn't cut any of the pieces out on the bias. I contemplated cutting the top bib out on the bias, but I felt it might stretch out too much.

I used Dritz cover buttons for the three buttons the dress required. I tried to center one of the cherry details on the button itself for and added detail.


I think many different tops would work with this pinafore, but I paired this look with a black, gathered, off-the-shoulder crop top from Betty Bones Co. The shoes are from J. Adams Shoes in the style Mimosa.  Finally, I bought the matching cute cherry hair bows from Aliexpress. They attach with clips on the back. I picked the ribbon color that matched some of the details on the fabric. Underneath, I'm wearing a Malco Modes petticoat for additional poof.

(These clips were the added cherry on top!)


Ultimately, I would recommend this pattern to anyone that likes its style! It's easy to sew and make, and as long as you measure the pattern pieces, fitting shouldn't present any real problems. If you have any questions or comments about this project, please leave them down below!

Thank you for reading this far!

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