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DDR Arrow Comox Trunks and Spoonflower Review

Hello everyone! Today's post is about a pair of boxer briefs made using the Comox Trunks pattern by Thread Theory Designs. I made these as a gift for my boyfriend and found that they were an easy to sew pattern and a fun gift. I'll also discuss the custom fabric I got printed by Spoonflower. 

I picked up this pattern at the Cloth Pocket in Austin during spring of last year. I knew I was going to use it, but finally got around to it recently. The pattern itself is pretty straightforward, and the sew along provided by Thread Theory was super helpful.

A small note: The printed version I purchased has a small error within the cutting layout. This has been rectified online and by the addition of an added page to the pattern, but I missed this at first and needed to recut one piece. This was a very minor issue, but something to be aware of.

The sizing appears to be true to size as well; I believe I cut between a size 32 and 34.


The fabric I used for this project is custom printed from Spoonflower. Below is the swatch when I received it and after prewashing it. 

* My washing machine malfunctioned slightly while I was washing it, so it was actually washed twice in two consecutive cycles. For this reason, more fading may have occurred than usual. I still washed the fabric using the delicate cycle. 
I'm very pleased with how the fabric turned out, but the black did fade a little bit. However, I did expect this to happen a little bit, so I'm not really too worried. I love Spoonflower, so this is by no means a criticism. I think the final result still looks nice.

Here are some more images of the final result! Ultimately, this project was simple and straightforward. I might slightly alter the fit in the future or topstitch the seams, but for the time being I'm satisfied with the results. I will definitely use this pattern again in the future! 

Thanks for reading! 

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