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Orange You Glad to See Me? Vogue 9259 Romper Review

Hello everyone! This week's post is about a romper made using Vogue Pattern 9259. In this post, I'll break down the construction process, explain the outfit details, and review the pattern. Keep reading down below for more. 


Link to the fabric on JoAnn's website: Click here. (currently sold out online)

I bought the fabric used for this project from JoAnn Fabrics a few years ago on Black Friday when it was 70% off. (I'm not a huge fan of Black Friday, but they do have good deals!) It's a 100% cotton novelty print with oranges on a black background. So, this fabric was easy to sew and work with, but it maybe lacked some of the drape a different type of fabric would have

Other than fabric, I was fortunate to have all the materials on hand for this project on hand. I had the small hook and eye for the back, the invisible zipper, and leftover fabric for the pocket lining all in my stash. And because I already had the pattern as well, I didn't really have to spend any more money on this project when I actually made it. 


Vogue 9259, released in 2017, contains three variations of a romper/jumpsuit in different lengths. The jumpsuit has a halter neck top that ties around the neck and is mostly backless. The bottom of the romper consists of pleated wide flared shorts. A zipper and two hook and eyes are used in the back.

The pattern comes in the standard 6-22 size range, and the listed recommended fabrics are challis, crepe back satin, and lightweight broadcloth. This pattern is marketed as a "Very Easy Vogue" pattern, and I believe this to be true! The construction process doesn't take very long and is fairly simple and straightforward. 

This pattern keeps popping up all over social media and blogs! It seems to be very popular for its simple construction and satisfying result. I was able to sew up a complete mockup and the final version in  only a couple days. I think the cut of the jumpsuit makes it flattering for a diverse range of figures. 


Despite this project being an easy and quick make, I did have some fit issues. While I do believe this pattern is true-to-size, I'm very small in the bust and found there was a ton of gaping and extra fabric in the bust that I didn't need. I made a complete mockup with zipper and all closures, because I really wanted to make sure this romper fit well. 
This is what the gaping looked like. Sorry for the cropped photo; the muslin was see-through in some places! 

I considered a few different courses of action to rectify this problem. I tried creating a bust dart on the jumpsuit, but it looked pretty terrible in application and created a very awkward point. I also tried tapering in the side seams a bit to pull the front into the right position, but it caused some wrinkling and moved the excess to the wrong place. Finally, I slashed the pattern at a couple points and pivoted to shorten the length of the line where the gaping is. For the largest pivot, I slashed through the bust point; for the smaller pivot, I slashed at a point that felt appropriate to remove a little more excess. 

Also, I lengthened the crotch depth by about 3 inches, because I'm a bit long-waisted and didn't want to have a permanent wedgie while wearing it. I started with one inch before making the mockup, and it wasn't enough. One other minor change I made was to use an invisible zipper rather than a regular one. This is an insignificant change, but it did alter the order in which I sewed the romper. I sewed the zipper in the back first, so I sewed the back pieces to each other  (ditto the front) before connecting to the front. Basically, this wasn't the leg-hole-in-leg-hole method. 


I had fun pairing this romper with some existing items in my wardrobe! The orange shaped wicker bag is from Valfre, and its available here. It's currently on sale for $19 (down from $62), so I'd recommend getting it now if you want it! I bought the hat on AliExpress at this link. Even though it's from AliExpress, it's very high quality and it shipped with lots of support to prevent damage. There are straps to tie it in place as well (hidden under my hair here). Finally, the shoes are from Stein Mart and are by Chinese Laundry. There's also embroidery on the back of the heel, which isn't visible in these photos. A word of caution: these shoes are not comfortable for long distances. I wore these for my graduation last year and ended up with bloody ankles that took over a month to heal. 


I don't have a dress form or mannequin with legs, which made getting photos of the romper itself difficult! Here are some close-up shots of parts of the romper.

This is the view of the pocket; the lining is visible on the front side. 
I love how the tie ends look! 
Here's what the back looks like worn. I forgot to take pictures of it the first time around. 


Overall, this project didn't take very long to complete, and I'm excited to wear it out this summer. Despite some fit issues, I think the final fit is very comfortable and flattering on me. I'd recommend this pattern to anyone looking to possibly make a jumpsuit for the first time, because the construction for this is fairly simple and the bodice isn't structured.

Thank you so much for reading this far! Let me know down below if you have any comments or questions.

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  1. Thank you for sharing your fitting options! I also tried this pattern and could not get rid of the gaping! I’m hoping your method will work for me as well. Great make!


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