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Lusting for Lavender: Simplicity 8746 Plaid Skirt Review (and Simplicity 7326 Hat Review)

Hello everyone! This week's post is about this matching beret and plaid skirt set. I created the skirt using Simplicity 8746, but altered the closure and used heart buckles. The beret and hair accessories were made using the leftover fabric with Simplicity 7326. Keep reading for all the details!

The skirt didn't fit my dress form super well. 

Top Row (L-R): Unknown, Sugar Thrillz by Dollskill, Lazy Oaf
Bottom Row (L-R): Top Shop, Rakuten (not sure of the brand), Aliexpress not sure of the brand

Both heart buckles and plaid wrap skirts have been everywhere lately. This project was my way of jumping in on the trend. (Plan on seeing more heart buckle projects coming up in the next few weeks!)

There were more pictures that I couldn't even fit into the collage; hearts have really been everywhere.

This is the product picture from Bunny's Designs on Etsy. You can see the lavender clearly. Available here

I spent a long time looking for the correct plaid. I've been in love with lavender for the last year or so, and I've been wanting to make a lavender plaid skirt for some time. I selected this one specifically because the plaid was the right size and the lavender was a bit more subtle. I wasn't sure how I would style a plaid that was all lavender. It was actually hard to find lilac plaids! I was lucky to find this one on Etsy.

The lavender is less vibrant in person, but it still pops when paired with lavender accessories.

Available here

The heart buckles, on the other hand, were purchased on Aliexpress. Because I couldn't find heart buckles in this size elsewhere, I took the buckles off of some chokers that were only $1.47 each (with free shipping!). It did feel bad clipping the buckles off of the chokers, but it was the only way to get buckles in the correct size.

Here's the link to the chokers.


Simplicity 8746 was perfect for this project. I think the pattern is super on trend and great for anyone wanting to make a project such as this. It features several variations of wrap skirts that close with D-rings on the left side. Views A and B are pleated, whereas Views C, D, and E appear to be full circle skirts. The skirts also come in two lengths, a mini skirt and tea length.

As far as sizing goes, I think this pattern is fairly true to size, but perhaps the tiniest smidge smaller than expected. I made a mockup in a size 14 1/2, which is smaller than my measurements, but I've grown accustomed to commercial patterns having a ton of ease. The 14 1/2 was a little too small (the CF lines didn't meet up), so I sized up to a 16 (which more closely matches my true measurements). The 16 was the correct size.

I made a few small changes to the construction process for this skirt. I chose to topstitch the pleats down, rather than sew them like a seam as the pattern suggested. The end result is basically the same, but it made it easier for me to press the pleats away from the center front. For the pleat in the center back, I pressed the pleats on either side so that they met in the center. Also, in the very end, I chose to only hem the skirt 3/4" to prevent it from being too short.

Overall though, the biggest change I made to the skirt was adding a belt and eyelets instead of using D-rings. This was an easy change, although I spent a lot time ruminating over how to make the belt part. I considered painting faux leather or buying colored eyelets; I also considered using black or lavender fabric for contrast. In the end, I chose to use a self fabric.

Because the fabric is plaid, I tried to ensure that the plaid lined up horizontally all the way around. I was successful doing this, but the front wrap part of the skirt tends to wiggle down a little easily, so it looks like it doesn't match up.

Left: The front piece where the plaid matches up
Right: The center back seam.
Both photos were taken before the waistband was attached.


I've had this vintage pattern in my stash for years. I had originally intended to make a matching plaid hat for a dress that I made a few years ago. But that project has yet to materialize. So, I decided to try out this pattern for this instead. Simplicity 7326 consists of 2 hat styles, each with a few variations. I made View 1 with a pom pom. Because the pattern was printed in 1967, the instructions are only one page, and they are less detailed than we might expect today. Nevertheless, the construction wasn't too difficult; the hardest part was matching up the point on top.

As with the skirt, I tried my best to make sure the plaid matched horizontally all the way around. The pattern is comprised of eight equally sized sections that are sewn together to form the round hat.

Here's what two of the eight pieces look like sewn together. 
Matching up the top was a little difficult; I think I did a better job on the lining.

Also, I made the pom pom using yarn and a Clover Pom Pom Maker.


Because the plaid has lavender in it, I chose to pair the skirt with lavender touches. The top is from Dollskill and is a lavender mohair sweater. The shoes are from Target.

Although I like the top, it wrinkled up in some of my photos, much to my chagrin. There were some decent photos that I was hesitant to use for this reason. It's just the type of top that's prone to wrinkling.

I also made a couple scrunchies to match the skirt. I think this will make the overall look more casual for times when I'm not in the mood for a large, puffy beret.


Ultimately, this project was pretty satisfying. I'm happy with the outcome, even if it's not perfect. I definitely think I'll get a lot of wear out this look!

Thanks so much for reading this far! To see more of my heart themed sewing projects, click here.

If you have any comments or questions, please leave them below! 

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