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Big Mooo'd: Halloween Cow Costume (Simplicity 4178 and New Look 6035 Review)

This week's post has been a long time coming! This cow print look was my Halloween costume in 2018, and I'm finally getting around to writing this blog post. I used Simplicity 4178 for the hat and New Look 3065 for the skirt. This project was a bit more rushed than most of my projects, and I finished both pieces in one day. Let's get right into it!


There were several things that led me to making this look. First and foremost, I saw Doja Cat's music video (NSFW) last year and thought it was really funny. It also seemed like animal prints were becoming more trendy overall. 

I thought it would be fun to make specifically a Doja Cat costume, but I knew I wouldn't have time by Halloween, and I wasn't sure if I'd ever really be able to wear the top anywhere. 
Top Row (L-R): Doja Cat, Jeffrey Campbell, Shop Tunnel Vision
Bottom Row (L-R): Delia's by Dollskill, Delia's by Dollskill, unsure where this photo is from

Shortly after making the costume, I saw that Delia's by Dollskill made a bunch of cow inspired looks! It's too bad they didn't release some of these looks before Halloween; I'm sure people would have loved them. Regardless, cow print has been everywhere! 

There were more inspiration photos, but I couldn't find room for them all!

Available here

I bought the cow print fabric at JoAnn Fabrics. It's a 100% polyester faux suede that's technically marketed as a "suede pony." It does have a slightly suede texture with a knit backing. It's one drawback is that it is slightly see through. To quickly solve this problem, I used a thin basic white cotton to line the back of all the pieces; I simply basted the two together (I guess I technically underlined the pieces?). If I wasn't making this look in only a couple hours, I would have properly lined the skirt.

Someone thought I was a dalmatian when I wore this on Halloween, so I guess the fabric can work fore multiple animals! 


Simplicity 4178 is a reissued 1960's pattern. I love all the options and I think the hat illustrations are very cute. However, the pattern seems to be truly a reprint, so the cutting diagrams and instructions were simply copied and reprinted with no updates for modern sewing (as far as I can tell). Of course, this isn't a problem, just an interesting observation and something to keep in mind. If you have experience with vintage patterns, this pattern will look like true vintage. I'm unsure if the other Simplicity vintage reprints are like this. 

That being said, the pattern is easy to construct in a short amount of time. I created View 1, and it only requires one main pattern piece. If I were to make this pattern again, I would definitely use a much heavier interfacing. The hat doesn't really keep its shape when worn as is, but I don't mind for this outfit! Maybe I'll try stuffing it in the future? Also, you'll definitely want to sew a comb or clip into this hat; it won't stay on your head otherwise. Overall, this pattern is cute and I'm happy with the results, but it won't look like the pattern illustrations without some work outside the pattern instructions.


New Look 6035 features several garments, including a blazer, tank top, pants, and skirt. I made the skirt, View D. I picked up this pattern somewhat at random when I was looking to make a quick and basic skirt to sew. I didn't have all my patterns with me when I was finishing up school in the fall, so I grabbed this one because it was the cheapest pattern available Halloween weekend. The skirt was super easy and simple to sew. It features a shaped waistband and has a slight circle skirt shape; there are no darts or any tricky pattern pieces. It closes with a lapped zipper on the left side seam.

There is quite a bit of added ease in this skirt. Because I was trying to finish the project quickly, I picked a size 16 based on the measurements on the back of the pattern. The 16 is the most close to my measurements, and the finished hip measurements on the back were listed as 43.5." Normally, I would have been more careful choosing a size and measuring the pieces, but I dove in with a 16 this time. It ended up being way too big in the waist. I took it in 1.5" and it was still a little big, but that's okay. Keep in mind that the pattern sizing may have a lot of extra wearing ease. 

As I said above, I would have lined the skirt if I had more time. And, even though there was nothing wrong with this pattern, I probably would have made a more trendy skirt if I had had adequate time to plan out the costume better. Nevertheless, this pattern was simple, straightforward, and easy to sew.

Sorry I don't have any construction photos this time around; it was a quick make! 


Overall, I'm happy with how this turned out, at least for Halloween. Neither the hat or the skirt are at all perfect,  but both pieces are fun and wearable for something else. I have enough leftover cow print fabric to make another garment at some point in the future. Maybe a crop top or a jacket of some kind.
Also painted my nails to match during Halloween! (not the cleanest job)

Thank you so much reading this far! If you're interested in seeing my posts right when they're posted, sign up using in your email in the subscribe box to the right. See you next week! 

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