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Pervasive Pullover: McCall's 7634 Hoodie Review

Hi everyone! Today's post is about McCall's 7634, a hoodie and pants pattern, pretty clearly inspired by the this Fenty Puma hoodie that has become increasingly popular and ubiquitous online. This pattern was extremely quick and easy to sew, and it was definitely one of the most satisfying projects I've made in a long time. I actually finished this project in late August, but only recently have been able to wear it due to the never ending heat here in Texas.

The pattern offers a nice range of options other than just the basic pullover hoodie, making this pattern versatile and fun.

Fortunately, I was able to reuse my rib knit trim and ribbon from a previous jacket project. The main sweatshirt fabric, large grommets, and drawstring cording are from JoAnn's. This was my first time using grommets, and I found them way easier to apply than snaps or jean buttons.

Sorry for the subpar photo quality here; I need to get a larger backdrop!

I made a size 14 1/2, which fit perfectly. Normally I make a mock-up first, but because I was using sweatshirt fleece (also this pattern isn't particularly fitted), I dived right in! Fortunately, it worked out.

In conclusion, this pattern was fun, fast, and friendly. If you're inexperienced with knits (like I am), it's a wonderful project to start with. I'm excited to use it again in the future to make the dress version with some of my leftover materials. Stay tuned! 

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